Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Switch to Knitting

I have been reading about all the socks being knitted out in blogland.  I have made exactly one pair of socks – ever.

I took two sets of classes at two different knit/yarn shops to get these made.  I make both socks at the same time on two circular needles. They turned out great and I really love wearing them.  Lynda and I have been talking about making another pair of socks so we started them last week.

Here they are today.  I was going to make two socks on two circular needles again but I couldn’t remember how to get the second pair of socks on the needles so I am making them one at a time.

The first pair are wool but this yarn is a mix of acrylic and nylon.  So far it feels pretty good so hopefully they will work out.  I went to work at the quilt shop today and I am really tired.  The retreat was a lot of fun but exhausting.


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  1. I have a pair started that are two on one really long circular needle but I don't think I know how to finish them anymore. Maybe I should go back to the shop where I took the class and take it again.


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