Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kiwi Zinger Update and Limo Photos

I finished all the blocks for my Kiwi Zinger this morning.  I took the blocks and a flannel backed tablecloth into the shop today and Barb laid them out for me.  I was planning on doing it but we had an extremely busy day and Barb was teaching a small class so she had time.

I moved a couple of blocks around to make sure the like selvages were not too close together and folded it up into the tablecloth and brought it home.  I hope to get the blocks sewn together tomorrow and will post another photo then.

I forgot that Michelle sent me pictures from the Mary Jo’s trip so thought I would post them.  We had a great time – can’t you tell?

0509 mary Jo 003 


0509 mary Jo 002

0509 On the Way

0509 mary Jo 004


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Guacamole Quilt at Guild

Guild was yesterday and Norma brought her Guacamole quilt for show and tell.  She and her sisters made the quilt and I quilted it for her.  She and her twin came to my class and worked on it together.  It came out very flat and was fun to quilt.

Norma - Guacamole at guild

Norma Back

I am not sure you can see any of the quilting on the back but it looks great.  This quilt and the fabric was designed by Marti Michell.  Mine is all put together except for the last border – it is on my list to finish someday.

I worked on my Kiwi Zinger and finished several more blocks.  I am working on the last 8 blocks before I can put the quilt top together.  I can’t wait to see what it is going to look like.  I worked on them this morning but had to go to work before I could finish them.

Also – on the WW front – I only lost .2 pounds.  How can that be!  I guess I will just stick with it and it will work in the long term.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Purse Class

We had a purse class on Tuesday and thought I would finally post some of the pictures. Andrea taught the bag – she adapted it from a class she had taken at her sewing guild.

It is a takeoff of the rag quilts that most of us made a few years ago.  Actually, I wouldn’t mind making one for myself.  I gave away all the ones I made.

Anyway, the most difficult part of this bag is remembering to sew the seams on the outside of the bag.

0509 Purse Class 1

0509 Purse Class 2

0509 Purse Class 3

0509 Purse Class 4

0509 Purse Class 6

0509 Purse Class 7

0509 Purse Class 8 

It will be fun to see all of them after they are completed.  Most people finished them except for clipping all the seams and throwing them in the washing machine and dryer.  I should see several completed ones next week.

I didn’t make a bag but might later.  I got the pattern and if I don’t lose it, I can make it on my own.  I was busy marking the squares for my kiwi zinger.  Speaking of that quilt, I only have 8 more blocks to make.  I made 8 more this morning before going to guild meeting.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Progress on Kiwi Zinger

First I decided to change the name of my Green Zinger to Kiwi Zinger since that is the name of the color green I am using.  Next, I made 8 more blocks and have another 4 almost done. 

This is addicting!  I keep saying to myself, just a few more minutes and I will do something else but I want to make more and more blocks.  I am doing four at a time and am having a good time.

0509 Green Zinger 2

I am still trying to decide on a border or even if I need a border.  Guess I will figure it out when I get to that point.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Green Zinger

I finally started my first selvage quilt today.  I don’t think I can stop – it is so much fun.  I wanted to make my version of the Red Zinger that was in Quilters Home a few months ago.  Of course, I decided to use Lime Green (or Kiwi as the designer calls it) instead of red.

I have been collecting selvages for about 6 months and have a pretty good collection but most people want to give them to me without any color attached.  What I mean is that instead of cutting them 1 to 1 1/2 inches, they just cut the selvage off.  Unfortunately that doesn’t give any allowance for sewing them together.

0509 Green Zinger

I am so loving the way it looks.  I have another four blocks almost finished.  I am going to make 36 of them in total so there will be nine big zingers.  Not sure about a border – I just checked on the selvage blog and see that she did a border of selvages  – kind of like a piano key.  I might do that or I might not.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Market Bag

I found a new pattern at the shop yesterday.  I forgot that I had asked to get the QuiltSmart Market Bag.  It comes with interfacing for two bags.  I brought the fabric and pattern home last night and decided to make one this morning.

Here is the pattern cover -


The bag on the left is made from some Dick and Jane fabric that we still have.  I brought home a yard and it turned into this.

0509 Market Bag

I like how it turned out but the pattern wasn’t the easiest that I ever made.  The next one will be easy but I did have a problem understanding the directions on the first one.  It isn’t as large as I thought either but is a nice little bag.

The pattern has two pockets but also has an extra small one.  I couldn’t see anywhere where it said to put the small one on so I put it on the side.  It is the size for a cell phone.  I read the pattern several times but couldn’t figure it out.

Anyway the pattern pack has enough interfacing to make two bags so I am going to make another one for me.  The first one is in the shop as a sample.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Mystery Quilt

Jeanne brought her sister’s mystery quilt into the shop today to show it off.  We are having a customer quilt show and the mystery quilts are going to be displayed the last two weeks of June.  She came in to pick up entry forms.

0509 Mystery Quilt

This is another bright cheerful quilt.  Dave did such a great job designing the mystery and the quilt and it is so much fun to see each one as they are finished.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Moda Bag from Market

0509 Moda Bag

Here is a great new bag that Maetha brought back from Market.  I love fabric with words on it and this bag is covered with very cool words and it is black and white.  What more could you want?

Even better, the pocket is lime green.  It has two handles on each side so it can be carried by the short handles or you can use the shoulder handles – very clever.  After I admired it, Maetha gave it to me – lucky me!

We had a very busy day at the shop today so just a quick post tonight.  Hopefully more tomorrow.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Time for Weight Watchers

I have been thinking and talking about going to Weight Watchers again and today I finally made it there.  I went to the 12:30 meeting and really like the leader.  I am not sure that Friday will work for me every week but think I can manage most Friday’s and can always go Thursday night.

Unfortunately when I checked in I had gained about 4 pounds from the last time I started trying and 10 pounds from the last time I weighed in.  I really wasn’t surprised but disappointed that I had gained.

I went to the grocery store and restocked on some healthy food – fresh vegetables and fruit.

On the quilting topic – I got the inner border on the Kiwi Quilt and hope to get the outer border on tonight.  Hopefully there will be pictures tomorrow.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler

I am posting some of my Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler blocks.  My QuiltingSisters Yahoo group has decided to start making the quilt together and I am selecting 6 blocks a month for us to work on.  Since I have been assigning blocks for the group at the shop since the beginning of 2008, I will just repeat those that were already selected.

The first 6 include 2 that I have not yet made but here are my first 4.

K3 Churn Dash

H8 Pinwheel 1

B10 Friendship Star

E1 Nine Patch

As you can see, we are starting with some of the easier ones.  There are 140 in total so it will take 2 years at 6 blocks a month.

I need to get going and make the next two so I can keep up with the group.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beginners are not beginners anymore

We had the last class of the Beginning Machine Piecing Class today.  Although three people signed up for the class and attended the first couple of sessions, one dropped out and hasn’t finished the class or project.

The two that finished the class did a great job on their first quilt top.  Today we worked on putting the blocks together and both of them got the first borders on.  They still have one more border to add but I am confident that they can do that on their own.

0509 Quilt 1

0509 Quilt 2

Don’t they both look proud?  In these photos the first borders had not been sewn on but they were so excited to have the blocks sewn together that I just had to get a picture of them at that time.

By the way, the sample quilt that I made for the class is in the background on the left of each piece and the one on the right is a masterpiece by Barb.  It is really wonderful.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pillowcase Class

I had to work at the shop all day today because Nancy was sick and called me yesterday to ask me to fill in for her.  On top of that, I had to teach a pillowcase class tonight and I have the last beginner’s class tomorrow.  Busy, busy, busy!

I only had one student signed up for class but a customer came in today and asked when the next class was scheduled and got really excited when I said tonight.  She immediately signed up and was there tonight.

0509 Pillowcase

0509 Pillowcases

When teaching this class, I always make a pillowcase.  I had taught it to Piecemakers last week and made one Delilah pillowcase so tonight made the second one.  These will go with the Turning Twenty quilt I made out of the Delilah fabric a couple of months ago – I love these fabrics.

0509 GA Pillowcase Parts

0509 GA Pillowcase

One of the ladies made two Georgia pillowcases for her grandson.  She was so excited and I am sure will be making many more.

0509 Homespun Pillowcase Parts

0509 Homespun Pillowcase

The other student made two pillowcases for her bedroom, using Kona Cotton and a homespun strip as the flange.

They both finished two pillowcases and were pleased with what they learned.  Have I said recently how much I enjoy teaching.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Show and Tell

I am finally getting around to posting a few pictures of last week’s show and tell.  The Allatoona guild has wonderful show and tell every month and this one was no exception.

0509 1

I really love this table topper.  The colors are wonderful and the design is great!  I would like to find this pattern and make one for myself.

0509 8

This is Phyllis’ version of last years BOM.  We did a row quilt and while she didn’t make every row, I love what she did.  I especially like the gnome taking a nap on the bottom.

0509 3 

This one is what Carol did with a bunch of swap blocks.  They really look good set like this.

0509 9

Here is Jan with her Blooming Nine Patch.  She took a class from me a couple of years ago and just got around to finishing it.  She plans to put it in the customer quilt show at Tiny Stitches.

0509 6

Here is another finished quilt from the March Retreat.  Love this one!

0509 7

This last one was made at last year’s quilt retreat.  It is extra large to fit a king sized bed.  Turned out really lovely.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kiwi Quilt Progress

I worked on the Kiwi Snapshot quilt this morning and finished all the blocks.  I then took the blocks to the shop and used the tables to lay out the quilt.  It was fun since I asked each customer to help move blocks around and most seemed to enjoy helping.

0509 Kiwi Quilt

It was a rainy day here in Georgia and the shop was quite busy – probably because people couldn’t be out in their gardens.  According to our rain gauge, we have had over 1 1/2 inches since yesterday.

Anyway, the blocks are finally arranged to my satisfaction and are rolled up in a flannel backed tablecloth.  Hopefully tomorrow I can sew the top together.  Tonight we are watching the conclusion of Survivor so no sewing.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Basket Swap

I joined a May basket swap and my partner was Sandy.  She sent a great selection of goodies in my box.  I did thank her right away but somehow didn’t get around to posting photos so here I go.

I especially love the pillow.  It is wonderfully quilted and looks great on my sofa.

0509 Basket Swap 3

0509 Basket Swap 2

0509 Basket Swap 1

She also sent a roll of fabrics but either I didn’t take a photo of them or I put it somewhere on my computer that I can’t find it.  Be assured that it is a good collection of fabrics to use in my scrap quilts.

The turtle is a soap dish I think but it is currently being repurposed as a jewelry holder.  I always take off my watch and earrings as soon as I come in so this is a great place to hold them.

Also the little hanging plaque is really nice and is hanging on the door to the kitchen right now.

I love swaps like this.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Road Trip

We made our road trip to Mary Jo’s on Wednesday and had a wonderful time.  The guild had planned a bus trip for this day but we had to cancel because we did not get enough people to sign up.  We didn’t get close enough to the cost of the bus to pay for it. 

Teresa has a nephew who drives a limo and she suggested that 7 of us go anyway.  So we decided to go.  When we got there we met another group of 4 that came together.  They actually had lunch at the same place – small world.

We started early by meeting at the local mall at 6:15 in the morning.  The limo showed up right after that – a long white limo!  Lewis was our driver and he did a great job.

There were 6 of us at that time and we got on the road.  Thankfully we didn’t run into much traffic.  After getting to the other side of Atlanta, we stopped to pick up Dave.  He got in the car with champagne.  We broke out the glasses and mixed Mimosas.  We also had croissants and fresh fruit. 

0509 On the Way

0509 One the Way 2

We got to North Carolina about 10:30 and stopped at Longcreek Mills and did some shopping for thread.  I bought a couple of cones to use on the longarm and a large cone of kitchen cotton to use to knit more dishcloths. 

0509 Cotton Yarn

We then went to the shopping center where Mary Jo’s is and had lunch at Longhorn.  There were a few margaritas involved but I managed with a diet coke.

After lunch we went to Mary Jo’s and a lot of shopping went on.  If you haven’t been there, it takes a lot of time to see everything.  They have notions, fashion fabric and a lot of quilting cotton.

0509 Zippers

Since I work in a quilt shop, I don’t buy fabric very often from other places but I did find a few things that we don’t carry.  I am always looking for black and whites so picked up these.

0509 Black and White

Also, the Saturday Sampler for this past year was black and white with another color added.  Each person chose their own color and I had decided on yellow.  I found these great fabrics for the border, backing and binding.

0509 Black, White and Yellow

One of the other types of fabric that I am attracted to is Day of the Dead.  First I found these skeletons on lime green. 

0509 Day of the Dead

Then I found this fabric that had the look of Day of the Dead without screaming it.  When I looked at the end of the bolt I loved the name of the fabric – Wake the Dead.

0509 Wake the Dead

We had a great time and somehow discovered a couple of bottles of wine and hard lemonade that were consumed on the trip home, along with chips and salsa.  Teresa then brought out a big platter of cookies and brownies.

After dropping Dave off at his condo, we headed back to the mall and arrived there around 8 in the evening.  The cost of the trip was the same as the bus would have been but was a lot more fun – although I really like the bus trip also and hope we get enough people to do it again.  Maybe next year.


Thursday, May 07, 2009

Update on Beginning Machine Piecing Class

Just wanted to post a couple of photos of the latest blocks by my beginners in the class.  We learned to make flying geese blocks this week.



They stressed over the points and getting the blocks the right size but they turned out great in the end.  We are taking a break next week as my guild had a trip to Mary Jo’s in North Carolina scheduled.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get enough people to sign up so we had to cancel.

Last week, Tina approached me and asked if I wanted to go in a limo on the same day.  We will spend the same amount of money for the transportation but there will only be a few of us going.  We are planning on starting early and having Mimosa’s on the way there.  I can’t wait.



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