Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Another Wacky Devine Nine

Here is the first Wacky Devine Nine quilt that I made. It is made out of flannels on both the front and back and is every so cozy.
It was quilted with a spinning feather panto and was made for a class sample at Tiny Stitches.

Black, White and Lime Green Quilt

The quilt is finished! It is much brighter than the photo shows. There are 9 black and white prints in the body of the quilt with a lime green inner border and a different black and white for the border. It is bound with plain black.

Here is a close up of the borders and part of the center. I quilted it with a panto called curling feathers. It gives great overall texture to the quilt.

This is a photo of the surprise backing. It is a lime green dotted flannel. It makes the quilt warm and cozy.

I am making up kits for the quilt for Tiny Stitches and taking it there today to be displayed. In the kits, I am not including the lime green so the customer can select the inner border that they want. I think it would look great with a red inner border or whatever their favorite color is.

The pattern is called Wacky Devine Nine by Two Wacky Women. One of the wacky women happens to be my sister. I make a lot of her patterns for the shop. This is the second quilt I have made from this pattern. I don't think I posted a photo of the first one but will look for it.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Another UFO - Batik Log Cabin

Here is a closeup of the quilting and one block of the Batik Log Cabin. It was started several years ago as a "bag lady" quilt at Tiny Stitches, my local quilt shop. I then quilted it at least 3 years ago, maybe even longer.
You can see the quilting better here. I used a panto called Angel Wings. The backing is a wonderful batik of many colors.
Here is the whole quilt. I can't believe it took so long to finally put the binding on it. Of course, I couldn't find matching fabric for the binding but there was enough of the backing fabric left. It looks pretty good.

I really love the batiks and the shop continues to get more and more of them in. Would like to have some of all of the them, but just can't justify buying and storing them all.

About batiks - my FiberArtBee met last Friday and we used soy wax to start batiking on fabric. We used kitchen utensils and stamps, etc. to wax the fabric. Next month we are going to actually dye the fabric so I will show pictures then.

Also, I finished quilting the black and white and lime green quilt last night. Need to get it bound and into the shop.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Halloween Brick Road Quilt

Halloween Brick Road Quilt
Cute Scarecrow border for quilt
I actually made the body of this quilt about 5-6 years ago. It was the first quilt I made from a class at Tiny Stitches, my LQS. It has lots of bright kids prints and was made from the Yellow Brick Road pattern. I made all the blocks at the class but didn't actually get the top put together for almost a year.

Once it was pieced, I had to quilt it. After I first got my longarm, I did a lot of practice quilts and this was one of them. I quilted around the scarecrows in the border and did a meander variation in the body of the quilt. I got my Gammill in 2001 and probably quilted this quilt in 2002.

It has sat on a stack of partially completed quilts ever since. All it needed was binding and I finally got that done last night. Unfortunately, this is not the only quilt that was waiting for binding - there are at least a couple more. Of course, there is a large stack of quilts waiting to be quilted also.

Friday, November 03, 2006

October Calendar

Here is my October calendar. I wanted more color and used acrylic paint but it was a litle messy around the squares. At least I was able to write something for every day - it is getting to be a little more of a habit each month. This morning I set up the November calendar and got caught up with the last couple of days.

I finally put binding on a very old Halloween quilt yesterday. It was the first bag lady quilt I made at Tiny Stitches several years ago. I have about 1/2 the hand part of the binding done so hope to finish tonight. I will take a picture when it is finally finished.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Paper Doll Ornament Swap

I am doing a Paper Doll Ornament swap on one of my yahoo groups and here are a couple of my creations. Obviously made from playing cards. I think they turned out real cute and I hope the others like them. In this swap, we have 6 people and others are making ornaments from
Polymer Clay

It will be fun to see what the others do with their ornaments.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

October Zaps

Here are my zap cards for October. The first one is Halloween. The skeleton is plastic and stands out from the card. There is a spider web in the corner and a small skull picture on it.

The second card theme was hands - I got a defination of hands and then a photo of hands using a keyboard. I put a fake gemstone on the ring. The last card is for the them of playing cards. I made playing card dolls by cutting them up and gluing. Hope my friends like them.
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