Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Hotel Project Finished – Letty Bag

I finished the first project this morning – it is a Letty Bag designed by my sister Robin.  She made one for me at Christmas and I have been carrying it ever since.  It is a large bag which is the only problem as I cram so much into it that it gets heavy.  She also has a pattern for a Little Letty Bag which I want to make soon.

I guess it is not a big surprise that it is black and white.  I really love the big circles/dots on the bag.  Inside is a cell phone pocket and six other pockets so it is easy to get organized.  The front pocket is wonderful.  I love the shape of it.

I was a bit scared of the grommets but they went in without problems.

Off to the Sewing Expo after breakfast!



  1. Great little bag! Aren't the grommets fun?

  2. This is so cute....have fun at the show.

  3. It came out great. It looks like you :-).

  4. I was going to use those on my post-it note quilt, but alas it wanted something different. I few of them made it onto the back.


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