Thursday, October 27, 2016

Voting Today

We voted this morning and there was just a short line - maybe 5 minutes, if that. 

We arrived at the Civic Center around 9:15 and while there were quite a few cars in the parking lot there was no line to fill out the form to vote.  There was a short line in the actual voting line.

We got the forms and filled them out. At this point a poll worker came to us and said that she would take us to vote. She took us to the front of the line and we voted. I guess there are some good points about getting old!

We then went to the Marietta Diner for breakfast and I had a strawberry waffle with whipped cream as a reward to myself for doing my civic duty and voting. It was a good morning. 


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Joe!


My son is having his 50th birthday today!  How can that be – I surely am not old enough to have a son that old.

I must admit that I stole this photo from a post by his father.  Here is the most recent one I have from this summer.

Noah, Joe, Hanna 2016

Noah is on the left and Hanna is on the right.

Happy birthday Joe – I remember 50 years ago and one of the best days of my life – welcoming you into our little family.  I love you dearly.

Mom (Melinda)

Casserole Covers at Allatoona Quilters Guild

We had a good time as usual at Special Projects at guild this morning.  We made covers for casserole dishes or bowls.  Only two got made today but several other people were there and plan to make them at home.

These are simple covers, not insulated carriers.  These are going to be useful especially for outdoor parties and such.

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