Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Neck Coolers for the Soldiers

We made neck coolers for the soldiers today at the Allatoona Guild.  We have made them each year for several years now and each time we hope that it will be the last time that the need is there.

We ended up with over 120 neck coolers ready to send to Iraq or Afghanistan. We will check at the meeting to see if one of the members has a contact person over there.  We have sent  them directly to a soldier for the last 3 years but if we don’t have a name, there are several organizations who will willingly take them and distribute them for us.

It is good working together to do something like this.  It makes us feel good about the opportunity to show our support of the troops and feel like we are making a difference.  It is always one of the most attended community service days during the year.



  1. AWESOME! ;-)

    ~ Kathy in Oregon

  2. Please tell me - I have no idea what a neck cooler is.

  3. Neck Coolers! what a great project. Way to Go!


  4. Melinda, what do you use inside the neck coolers? Have you ever heard of cleavage coolers, they are fabulous for hot flashes, ballgames, gardening etc.

  5. I used to make these for when we played golf out in Palm Springs. My friend Rob's stepson just deployed to Afghanistan earlier this week. I know the soldiers will love receiving them. They really work well.

  6. There will always be a need for neck coolers for our soldiers Melinda, even during peace time. A wonderful cause.


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