Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Off to Retreat!

Our four day retreat starts today.  The snow is still on the ground but the news says that MOST of the roads are safe.  The car is packed and I am getting ready to leave.

One of the projects we were supposed to work on is a nametag.  I ran out of time and have the most pitiful nametag ever.  We were each given a square of denim to decorate and turn into a nametag.  I am ashamed to show mine.

Bad, bad Melinda – looking forward to a wonderful four days.



  1. OK so maybe it's not the fancies name tag but at least you made one. That should count for something. Have a great time at your retreat. Sounds like fun.

  2. Hey, it looks like it is stitched by hand. Better than I would do. Have fun at your retreat!

  3. Looks like we'll be retreating at the same time. Our theme is Spring Break in Hawaii and I made nametags for everyone, shaped like flip-flops.

  4. Enjoy the retreat, snow and all!


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