Monday, June 29, 2015

Mystery till Midnight

On Saturday night we had a mystery party at the quilt shop.  I have coordinated this several times in the past and we always have a great time – this one was great.  There were 12 people participating.  I cut kits and there were two choices.  Cool colors and warm colors.  The cool included blues, purple and turquoise.  Here is one of the cool quilts on the design wall.  Not sure if this is the way she will actually put it together but it is an interesting setting.

0615 Cool

The warm colors were also great – I think this is the one I would have picked.

0615 Warm

Roxanne was playing with her blocks – again I am not sure this will be the final result.  The pattern actually called for all the blocks to just be set side to side in the same direction but it is always fun to see what people decide to do.


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Castle Wall

In class again today. This time it is hand piecing the Castle Wall block.

Here is the sample block.


Friday, June 26, 2015

Pieced Hexies

We made Pieced Hexies with Mickey Dupre yesterday.  None of mine are finished yet and I was not happy with the fabrics I used but I had a great time anyway.  Here are some photos of her work.  This Pieced Hexie is called Jazzy.

0615 Pieced Hexie 1

0615 Pieced Hexie 6

0615 Pieced Hexie 2

0615 Pieced Hexie 3

0615 Pieced Hexie 4

0615 Pieced Hexie 5


0615 Pieced Hexie 7

0615 Pieced Hexie 8

0615 Pieced Hexie 9

Aren’t they fun!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Selvage Quilts at Special Projects Day

On Tuesday we had our monthly special projects day.  The topic was selvages and there were lots of projects to look at.  Nancy brought three selvage quilts to share with us.

0615 Selvage Quilt

0615 Selvage Square Quilt

0615 Spool Quilt

I love that they are all so different.  I have only made one selvage quilt.

Kiwi Zinger 2

I have lots of ideas but I would like to make another one soon.

We all went home with stuff to make a mug rug.  I have lots of selvages to work with.


Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I haven’t worked on my bowtie leader/enders for quite a while.  Since I finally got around to cutting more fabric I finished up another 25 blocks and have them put away with the others.  These are numbers 501-525.  I think I need around 900 to make the size quilt I want so I am over half way.

0615 501-525

It certainly is going to be a colorful quilt!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Row by Row

The Row by Row experience started on Sunday and I was working with Marla.  I told her we would be busy and she didn’t think we would.  I won!  We had a lot of people stop by to pick up our row pattern.  We also sold a lot of kits for the rows.

0615 Ducks in a Row

I love the little ducks – especially the Kaffe duck swimming the wrong way!


Monday, June 22, 2015

Design Wall Monday–June 22, 2015

I haven’t shown my design wall for far to long.  Hope to get back in the habit so here is what is on my wall today.

I am working on a Christmas quilt for Christmas in July.  It is a design with rows somewhat like a Christmas Sweater.  Here are some of the pieces I have made so far.


There will be a row of the nine patches, two rows of the poinsettia blocks, a row of the trees, two rows of the zig-zag and still to do a row of reindeer.  I have to finish up the row of nine patches and then on to the reindeer.  Takes a lot of time but I am really liking how it is turning out.

For more design walls, go to Patchwork Times and check out all the other wonderful projects.


Mickey Dupre at ECQG

Mickey Dupre is coming to the East Cobb Quilters’ Guild this week.  On Thursday the class she is teaching is about Pieced Hexies.  Here is her sample for the class.

0415 Mickey Depree

On Friday she will do a lecture at the guild meeting and then will teach a hand piecing class on Saturday.  Here is the sample for Castle Wall.

0415 Mickey Depre Castle Wall

I signed up for both classes and can’t wait.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Jessica’s Sampler Savvy

Jessica came by with her finished Sampler Savvy quilt today.

0615 - Jessica's Quilt

It looks great doesn’t it.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Progress on Christmas Quilt

I made a lot more progress on the Christmas quilt.  Here is the latest photo.

0615 Blocks for Quilt

I have two rows of the zig-zag red and white finished.  There are 10 blocks of the poinsettia block for two rows and 6 tree blocks for another row.  One more row of pink nine patches to finish another row and then the reindeer row!  Oh my!


Friday, June 19, 2015

New Quilt on My Bed

0615 Scrappy Trips on Bed

The Scrappy Batik Many Trips looks great on my bed!  Love it.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

June BOM–Allatoona

I was tied up all last week when the monthly BOM was scheduled so Roxanne and Pat agreed to run it for me.  Thanks!

Here are the photos of the blocks that were shared at the meeting.

0615 - 1

0615 - 2

0615 - 3

0615 - 40615 - 5

0615 - 6

It is fun to see the various sashing choices.  Some decided to make the pieced sashing and others decided to use single strips for sashing – both work well.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hexie Club

We had hexie club last night. As usual it was fun, fun, fun!

Here are a few photos.  Lots of projects being worked on.

0615 Carolyn

0615 Jessica

0615 Michele

0615 Rosanne

0615 Rosemarie - 1

0615 Rosemarie

0615 Stephanie

Here is the group talking and sewing.

0615 June Meeting


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Selvage Quilts

Here are two selvage quilts from the quilt show.  I can’t tell you how many people asked me if they were made by me.  Unfortunately there wasn’t a selvage quilt from me this year but I do hope to have one for the next show.  I really liked both of these.

0615 Selvege 1

0615 Selvege 2


Monday, June 15, 2015

Sewing With Friends

My friends and I sew on the first and third Mondays at Tiny Stitches.  I worked all day and got one block finished!

0615 First Block

This is going to be my Christmas in July project and I need 9 more of them.  I have all the pieces made – 120 half square triangles and 40 four patch blocks.  I also have the blocks sewn in twos and am ready to make the corner blocks.

The quilt is a row quilt and the 10 poinsettia blocks form two rows.  Still up is a zig-zag row, a tree row and a reindeer row.  When finished the rows look somewhat like a Christmas Sweater.  I love the colors.


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Last Day of the Quilt Show

The show closed last night.  It was a great show.  One of my final jobs for the show was to organize giving all the quilts back to their owners.  Lynda and I had a great group of volunteers that helped us and we were done ahead of schedule.  Of course there were a few people who were late, including one who completely forgot she was supposed to pick her quilt up.

There about 20-25 quilts that were shipped to me and they also came home with me.  I will package them up early in the week and get them ready to ship back.  Most of them came via UPS and there is a prepaid shipping tag to put back on the packages.  I will then call UPS to pick them up and my job will finally be over for this show.

Here a photos of some of the One Block Wonders that were in the show.  I somehow missed taking a a photo of Brian’s beautiful quilt.

0615 OBW 1

0615 OBW 2

0615 OBW 3

0615 OBW 4


Friday, June 12, 2015

Best of Show–Georgia Celebrates Quilts

The Best of Show is by Virginia Greaves.  The name of the quilt is Worn  You can see more about her at her website ( or her blog (

You really need to see this quilt to believe it.

0615 Best of Show

It won first place in the Pictorial category, Best of Show and Quilters’ Choice. Quilters’ Choice was chosen by all the people who attended the preview party.  One more award will be given tomorrow at the end of the show and my vote is going for Worn.  Here is a close-up.

0615 Best of Show Close-up


Thursday, June 11, 2015

East Cobb Quilters’ Guild–Georgia Celebrates Quilts

Today was the first day of our quilt show.  It was well attended and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Here are my quilts that are in the show.

Kaffe Meets Bonnie Hunter (pattern by Bonnie Hunter)

0615 Kaffe Meets Bonnie Hunter

Many Scrappy Batik Strips (pattern by Bonnie Hunter)

0615 Many Scrappy Batik Strips

2014 Hexie Block of the Month (pattern by Julia Wood)

0615 2014 Hexie Block of the Month

More tomorrow.


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