Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Few More Quilts from Show and Tell

I thought I would show a few more quilts from Show and Tell at guild on Friday.  I didn’t get photos of all of them, but the ones I did get were great.

This first one is a beautiful Baltimore Album.  She says it is her one and only Baltimore Album.  It is BEAUTIFUL.

This next one is by Olwyne.  She has 7 or 8 sisters and at Christmas took kits for all of them to make this banner.  We spent quite a lot of time one Sunday picking out the fabric for each one of them.  This is the one she ended up with.

Next is a beautiful batik quilt.

Then one with about a million half square triangles.

This one is make simply from squares – looks like it would work out well with charm packs.

Lastly, this is a quilt by Robin.  It was in a magazine a couple of years ago and I have the pattern and some fabric put away somewhere to make one of these.  I really like the fabrics that Robin used but that is usually the case.

Mine is going to be much brighter colors but I really like this one with the colors she used.  I need to find mine and get it started.

We had a busy day at the shop today and apparently the word is out that we have Gone With the Wind fabric.  We had some diehard GWTW fans at the shop buying fabric.  They don’t quilt or sew but just had to have some fabric for their collections.  They apparently live for GWTW and know everything about the movie, the book and talk about the characters as though they are dear friends – I guess they probably are.  It was fun talking to them.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Janice Chesnik – Kaleidoscope Artist

At guild yesterday we had the pleasure of hearing from Janice Chesnik who is a kaleidoscope artist.  She and her family have made kaliedoscopes for many years and since she retired and moved to Georgia, she has been making kaleidoscope quilts.  Paula Nadelstern suggested that she was a good substitute for our lecture.  Janice brought several kaleidoscopes and several quilts to share.

This one is her first kaleidoscope quilt – she says Paula called it “Patchworky”.  It is still very nice.  Janice is to the right of the quilt in the photo.

After this quilt, she expanded her quilt making and here are a few more of her quilts.

These are all pieced quilts although she says she occasionally uses small amounts of fused appliqué when it works out better.  She has a great color sense, doesn’t she.

Here is her latest quilt.

Not sure if you can tell but the background is made of 6 inch squares – all cut from the same fabric.  She actually quilted the background before she appliquéd the tree, leaves and apples on it.  She then did a lot more quilting on the tree.  This is a beautiful quilt.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Show and Tell at Guild

Today was the monthly East Cobb Quilters’ Guild meetingPaula Nadlestern was scheduled to be the speaker and teacher this month but she is having some health issues and had to cancel.  One of her friends who lives somewhat locally, stepped in for her and did a wonderful lecture/show.  I will post some of her photos a little later.

Show and tell was great, as always.  Here are a few of my favorite ones.  The first few are made with blocks from Saturday Sampler at Tiny Stitches.

The black and white is my favorite of the day (of course).  Terry made it with lots and lots of little stars for the setting.  I absolutely love this but I am not sure I have the patience to make all those stars.  I do have the main blocks and I also used yellow with the black and whites.  I love the back – see my border fabric from the mystery quilt down towards the right bottom?  The back was inspired by Bonnie Hunter.

These next three quilts were made by Debbie from another set of Saturday Sampler blocks.  She said she is making quilts for her Bunco friends and decided to make three different quilts from her blocks.  She did a great job with the different settings.

The next quilt was also made by Terry from a pattern by Bonnie Hunter.  This quilt was hung in the shop for a while and I really love it. 


This last quilt was also inspired by Bonnie Hunter and the maker says she now spends far to much time at thrift stores because of Bonnie.  Once again, it has a Bonnie style backing.

I have more to share but need to get ready to go to work for a couple of hours.  Back later.


Crazy Quilt Bear

There has been discussion about crazy quilt teddy bears on the CQ Mag Online group so I thought I would post some photos of mine.  I made it about 20 years ago when I lived in Pennant Hills, NSW, Australia.  There was a small neighborhood patchwork shop and I took a class for 3 or 4 weeks – I can’t really remember how many classes there were.

CQ Teddy sitting

The first photo shows him sitting up.  The second is poor bear with his nose on the floor and lastly laying flat on his back.

We cut each piece of the bear pattern from muslin and pieced the fabric on it.  We then added the lace, stitching and beads.  Next he was put together and stuffed, and stuffed and stuffed.  He is a very solid little bear.  His arms and legs are movable and he has a great deal of personality.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Progress or Lack of Progress on UFO

I took my feathered star to the retreat last week but didn’t even get it out of the box to look at it. Since I came back it was in the garage in it’s little plastic tote but I rescued it today and brought it upstairs. It is easy to get mixed up with paper piecing so I put it up on my design wall. I only have one little piece of the puzzle done but hopefully having it in plain sight will get me working on it.

Doesn’t look like much right now, does it? Maybe after dinner I can work on it for a few minutes.

I also picked up backing for the Mystery quilt but somehow didn’t actually get enough so I will piece a strip of the border fabric into it before I can actually quilt it. I found this fabric with just a little touch of yellow in it. I think it will look good.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Evening Beginners Class 3

Tonight was the evening class for beginners.  We were working on log cabins again but also had show and tell of the nine patch and nine patch variation blocks.  First here are some of the blocks done as homework from last week.

Next we started making the log cabin blocks. 

There were more blocks made but somehow I didn’t get photos of them.  Oh well, next week they will bring them to show and tell.


Morning Beginners Class 3 – Log Cabin

We worked on Log Cabin blocks this morning.  The blocks are 6 inch finished blocks so each log is 1 1/2 inches cut.  The colors of the quilt tops are really showing up now.

I didn’t get photos from the other two students but they were also doing a great job.

Last week we worked on the nine patch variation block so they are sitting next to the log cabins.  Off to teach the evening class so I will have more photos later.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Goodie Bags for Allatoona Red Top Retreat

Well, one retreat is over for the year but I have another one coming up soon.  On March 3rd we will be going to Red Top Mountain for the yearly guild retreat.  We have expanded it to four days this year from three days in previous years.

This is a great retreat and one of the highlights each year is the goodie bag and what is in it.  Today at guild, we had a work party to make the bags.  We used a modified version of my sister’s beach tote pattern.  You can get it at Tiny Stitches or on my sisters website – Two Wacky Women.  The modification makes it larger and eliminates the center bottom seam, among other things.

We had a large group working on the bags today and we got all 60 of them done.  Tina had done some the work ahead of time.  The bags were all cut out with the pocket partially sewn on.  The top trim was also stitched on the top of the bag.  We just had to turn it and topstitch it down.

Here are some of the bags in progress.


We had a special visitor today – Lisa recently moved and her doggie is having problems adjusting so she came along. 

She was probably the best behaved creature there.

Here is a finished bag and here are all of them in Tina’s car.

Goodie Bag

You can probably see that the fabric on the bag is a save the planet, going green fabric.  The pockets are lined with my favorite neutral – lime green.

The theme of our retreat is “Going Green at Red Top Mountain” so these are perfect!  Tina has lot of goodies that will be in the bags when they are handed out at the retreat.  Most will be a surprise.


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