Friday, March 12, 2010

Second Hotel Project – Another Bag

I finished another project last night – a changeable cover purse.  I made a red purse.

Next I made a floral cover for it.

After that I made a cover from some Christmas fabric I had.

Isn’t this a great idea?  You don’t have to move all your stuff from purse to purse, you simply remove the outside cover and replace it.  The purse uses Velcro to attach the covers and is fairly simple to make.  Once the actual purse is made, the covers only take a few minutes.

I hope to get binding on the Dog Quilt this evening.



  1. I swear, Melinda, you are the most productive sewer I know! You get so much done, it astounds me!

    Great idea on the purse, very clever and useful and functional, too. I love changeable things!

  2. Very cute. You are getting lots done while gone!


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