Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gone With the Wind – Final

I quilted the Gone With the Wind quilt yesterday, sewed the binding on the front and finished the handwork today.  It is FINISHED just in time for Shop Hop!

Here is the backing.  I really love this fabric.


I am really pleased with this quilt now that it is finished.



  1. I know you struggled with it but it was worth it. It's gorgeous, I'm sure Mother is looking down and smiling.

  2. Melinda, that is just beautiful. Makes me want to watch the movie...again

  3. Beautiful! I'm glad you like it now. Makes it worth all the agonizing!

  4. Your GWTW quilt is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!!

  5. Melinda, the GWTW quilt is beautiful...I can see her saying "...I'll nevah be hungry again." See you soon!

  6. It's just gorgeous! Quilting is perfect; I can see the wind.

  7. I completed the GWTW qult also. Due to two mistakes in the directions, it was a little frustrating to complete. However, it is finished and turned out fine.

  8. Melinda,

    I would like to do a Gone With The Wind Quilt for my mother who collects "Everything" that is Gone with the Wind! But I would like to combine all the photos I can get of anything to do with the movie. Are their any other pictures of like Tara, Mammie, Prissy, etc. and where can I get them. Do you have the 3 that you used above?
    I did the Fireburner but used my email Below so I am not for sure it went through even though I did the email confirmation.



  9. I think your quilt is gorgeous. I was googling GWTW quilt and this popped up. I don't quilt, so I can't relate, but I love the finished product. I was wondering if you do this just for a hobby or if you ever sell anything you make? I would love a quilt like this, or even just one using the fabrics with a different pattern if this one was too difficult. I collect all things gone with the wind, and really love it. Or maybe since you quilt so much you would know someone who would? I don't really know where to turn to ask someone. Thank you.



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