Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Retreat is Starting off Well

We got to the retreat today with no ice on the road and it was warm – well relatively warm – above 40 degrees and sunny.  We got everything set up and started sewing.  I worked on that miserable Gone With the Wind quilt and have the top together just needing the last border.  It doesn’t lay too flat but it is together and the quilter (me) can quilt it out – ha ha!

I am going to start on the retreat quilt tomorrow!

Here is the sign that greeted us today.

and here are the dining tables just waiting for us.

We played left, right, center for food fabric this evening and had a great time.  Mary won about 50 fat eighths of food fabric.  Everything from candy to beer to veggie and fruit.

More tomorrow.



  1. It sounds like fun. Enjoy the rest of your retreat. Food fabrics, yumie!!! Hugs Nat

  2. Left, right, center? Is that a game? Pretty tables.

  3. Yay for retreats! I am going on one tomorrow and just can't wait! Have fun at yours!

  4. You must be in hog heaven - that your color!

  5. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Please take pictures of the people and their work. I want inspiration!


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