Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fiber Art Fusion - Ribbon Roses

I went to the Fiber Art Fusion meeting last night for the first time in months. I really enjoy this group of wonderful artists but since it is always on the same day as the monthly business/lunch meeting as the Allatoona guild meeting, I am sometimes too tired or overwhelmed to go. I am really going to try to attend all the meeting from now on.

Last night we had a presenter who taught us how to make ribbon roses from his beautiful supply of wire edged ribbons. The pink on was made from two inch ribbon and is beautiful. He brought lots of ribbon and cut two pieces for each of us. Many of the ribbons had two colors on them but the first one I chose was just one color but very simmering and wonderful.

The second rose I made from lime green/lavender one inch ribbon. It is prettier in person than in the photo. We put pin backs on each of them - not sure if I will wear them as is, or find a project to add them to.

The Allatoona meeting was great, as usual. I had scheduled three members to do a mini trunk show. They were going to bring 6-10 of their quilts and share them and the story behind them with the group. Unfortunately, two of the people were not feeling well and had to back out on Monday night. Well, there was not enough time to ask anyone else to bring their quilts so I gathered up some of mine. Had to take the quilt off the wall behind my bed and find others to take.

The program was well received and we have scheduled a second one for July where the two who were sick will show their quilts plus a volunteer that I got yesterday. It is a fun program and interesting to see a body of work from the members. It is much different from seeing show and tell. With this program you can see the progression of their quilting lives.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Easter Projects in San Francisco

I am here at my daughter's house in San Francisco and my sister came up for a few days from Southern California. We usually make something when we all get together and she brought a cute pattern for a Easter table runner.

The first one is my daughter's. She is not a quilter but she picked the fabrics and width of the strips and we sewed it for her. The table runner ends up about 23x29 and looks great on her table.

This second one is mine. I will get home on Friday night so will be able to put it on the table for a couple of days before the holiday is over.

The last one is Robin's. She left for home on Jet Blue yesterday afternoon so hers should be on her table already.

We had lots of leftover fabric from making the table runners so decided to make each of us a set of coasters. Robin's are the round ones, and the others were split between Christina and me.

Had a lot of fun and got something nice out of our little projects.

Riley and her Quilt

Riley and her mom came to my daughter's house in San Francisco on Tuesday. I think the quilt was a success!

She especially liked the back of the quilt but with Minky on the back, who wouldn't. Her mother loved the quilt so I was happy.

She is a very cute little one-year old. You sometimes forget how active they are at that age. She managed to get into everything she could reach!

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