Saturday, March 06, 2010

Last Day of Retreat

Getting ready for a Champagne breakfast at Dave’s before the last day of retreat!

Thought I would post a photo of my How Does Your Garden Grow that I finished (expect for the appliqué) yesterday.

As you can see, I am getting in a rut with my lime green and black and white.  I did get Gone With the Wind done and that isn’t black and white!

More later!



  1. And isn't THAT LOVELY. Can't wait to see it with the applique' flowers and vines.

    No keep going with the Lime Green and signature colors.

  2. I love this color combination. And it is gorgeous as it - I'll have to check back and see the applique too :P

  3. I just pulled all of my black on white prints to make an ABC quilt. I am using some lime - but I am using other brights as well. - All by Jan Mullen.


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