Friday, March 19, 2010

Shop Hop

Today was the second day of shop hop.  Our theme is As American as Popcorn and Movies.  We set up the classroom like a theatre and have been running DVD’s of Wizard of Oz,

Field of Dreams

and Gone With the Wind. 

We have a popcorn machine going all day with bags of popcorn for the hoppers.  Of course we also have candy – who goes to the movies without candy.

Here is the display that greets you as you come in the shop.

We have a P. Buckley Moss quilt hanging in the shop.  It is really beautiful and is going to be raffled off on Sunday.  I am going to buy a few tickets and hope for the best.

Pat painted the center angel panel and it is beautifully finished.  The quilting is wonderful.

I have a few more quilts to feature tomorrow.


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  1. What a great theme!!! I don't think that the hops that I have been to have had themes. Love the quilts!


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