Friday, January 08, 2010

Snow + Ice = Cancelled Retreat

Maetha and Henry decided to go up to Amicalola Falls last night and while they were still on the road, it became evident that we needed to cancel the retreat.  I spent the next hour or so calling everyone and found that there was a group of people who went up yesterday and were already there.

Maetha and Henry finally arrived safely at the lodge and were greeted by about 12 people who had gone up yesterday although the retreat wasn’t scheduled to start until noon today. Since it isn’t safe for the rest of us to travel up there and the ones up there can’t leave, Maetha will let them sew and do the mystery quilt but the rest of the retreat is on hold. 

All the schools are closed today and we are also closing the shop.  It isn’t safe for anyone to be out on the road today.

I know for those that are used to snow are probably laughing at us Southerners but we are not prepared for any snow or ice.  The entire Atlanta area is very hilly.  There isn’t a flat straight street anywhere.  We also don’t have the infrastructure for ice and snow.  There are some trucks that go out with a gravel/salt mix but only on the major highways.  Unfortunately the weather is so cold that nothing is melting.  The high scheduled for today is only 30 degrees.  It isn’t scheduled to warm up until at least Sunday and then only into the higher 30’s.

Maybe I can get some sewing done here today.  I think I might bake bread also.



  1. Hey Melinda! Sorry about your cancelled retreat. I'm sure all the people who didn't drive up yesterday were glad it was cancelled so they didn't have to chance driving on bad roads! I have lived near Pittsburgh all my life so snow driving is 'normal'-but we get really ticked off it the snow crews don't get it cleared up quickly. (like spoiled kids). But ice is different, nobody should be out in that. My one sister lives in Albuqueque now and every once in a blue moon they have a measurable amount of snow-like an inch and she says the whole place shuts down--it's mostly flat out there! But nobody knows how to drive in it. First time it happened she couldn't believe nobody went to work and everyone she worked with thought she was crazy for leaving her house!! :) Have a great day sewing.

  2. I know you will do some beautiful work today -- and the added benefit of fresh bread! Enjoy!

  3. I think I might bake bread also.

    No "mights" about it, you are obligated to bake during a snow day. (Cookies would be better.) Oh & make some soup. :o)

  4. sorry to hear about the retreat being cancelled....enjoy the snow though cuz its beautiful while it lasts....

  5. Well that means that you will just have to reschedule the retreat! You will surely get something acomplished today after making bread!

  6. Better safe than sorry! Now you have unplanned time at your hands - nice! Enjoy!

  7. Anonymous10:15 PM

    I actually miss that about living in the south. I remember going to high school there and knowing that if there was even the slightest bit of ice or snow school would be cancelled :)Now I live in the northeast and even if there is two feet of snow nothing is cancelled!


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