Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Scissors

I received a lovely gift from a special customer at Tiny Stitches today.  Cathy was there for the monthly Elm Creek club and she brought me this…..

Instead of stork scissors, these are rabbit ones.  They have really long thin pointed blades and will be great to keep with my embroidery.

Isn’t it special to get an unexpected gift?  She really made my day.



  1. They are the best kind of gifts! And they look like fab scissors.I have a pair of the stork ones-the bunny is so cute.

  2. How very nice and oh how cute are those scissors.

  3. Wow! How cute! The lady at the Rabbit Factory blog would love these.

    Gifts are so special. I got a fruitcake from a customer and I won a giveaway from Irish Muses- it was so much fun!

    Enjoy your cute new scissors!

  4. Great scissors! I love the fact that they are a bunny!

  5. Very cute! New scissors are fun to have, I have a new pair too that I'm saving...... for what, I don't know. lol

  6. I like those scissors. Bunny design is new to me. Nice case too. Cathy might be surprised to know how many people are enjoying this little gift. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy new year.


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