Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beginning Class 2 – Evening Session

We had a very full class last night.  The student who came for the first time to the morning session came back and I was lucky enough to have Michele come in to help out.  It was great to have the extra help.

We are still focusing on the quarter inch seam, cutting correctly and learning to iron/press.  They are learning and are excited.  It is so much fun teaching quilting to beginners.

Spent the day getting ready for the retreat tomorrow.  I made all the name tags and tags for the goodie bags.  Packed up the car with all the extra extension cords and table risers, along with the retreat things and my sewing – just in case I have time to sew for myself.  I am getting up early in the morning, putting my suitcase in the car, picking up Danielle and we are headed up to the North Georgia Mountains until Sunday.  I will be taking the laptop and the camera so hopefully will be able to post from there.



  1. Teaching beginners was a favorite of mine when teaching at the shop. Hope you have fun on the retreat!

  2. I never had any class when I learned to quilt (watched Simply Quilts) but your class sounds like so much fun.


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