Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fiber Art Fusion Update

Tonight is the monthly Fiber Art Fusion meeting and one of the things we will be doing is passing our round robin pieces. This is the one I worked on last month, adding the tatting to it.


Last month was the first addition.  This is the second month and I have had Vickie’s to work on.  Here is what it looked like when I received it.


I looked at it for a long time and finally decided I would do some stamping on it.  Did I mention that once a method is used for the piece, it can’t be used again?

I found a beautiful grey paint that I used to stamp with and here is what it looks like now.

I like the texture it added to the piece and as usual am looking forward to seeing it at the end of the year.  I already have next months piece but won’t post it until the February meeting date.  I still have to decide what to add to it.

Heidi will be teaching tonight and she will be showing us how to make fabric art with monoprints.  She was recently in Quilting Arts with this process and we are so lucky to have her as a member of our little art group. I am looking forward to playing with fabric paint tonight!


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  1. I am in the beginners quilting class on Wed nights. The first week, my fabrics were the 3rd picture; this week, my 61/2 inch squares were the last posted. Does this mean I am failing??? Only kidding!!


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