Monday, January 11, 2010

Piecemakers Bee Meeting

We had our monthly meeting of Piecemakers today at the church.  Our December meeting was cancelled so we had our holiday potluck.  Everything was great – lots of good food.  We do a block exchange every year and exchanged black/white/bright churn dashes in June and were supposed to have our quilts or at least tops made to show in December. 

Here are my blocks when I received them last June.

0609 My Blocks

Unfortunately, my blocks still look the same way, except they are in a baggie in a drawer.  They are one of my 10 UFOs I want to work on this year.

Today, several people brought their quilts or blocks to share.  This is such a creative group and I am always amazed at the quilts they come up with.

What do you think?



  1. Truely they are some great designers in your group! The different settings are so creative....I don't have that knack yet...:)
    I have swap blocks in baggies as well, and I could probably say I have 10 too. I want to make this the year I get them into tops; some of them anyway. I have swap blocks from you I'm sure from when I visited the yahoo groups and swapped there (quilting sisters? maybe). So, that was a resolution this year. No new swaps until I have at least 3 tops made from past blocks. I challenge you as well!

  2. WOW, hard to believe one can come up with so many different ways to set the blocks. Very creative. I have a couple of favorites that I might have to jot down for future reminders on setting solutions. thanks for sharing. cw

  3. What wonderful quilts these ladies have made from the bee blocks. All so different. Gorgeous!

  4. WOW, this is exactly why I like to go to local quilt guild shows - to see many interpretations on 1 theme (or even 1 pattern done in different colorations). I really like the "diagonal" one, but I love the jumbo one!


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