Saturday, January 30, 2010

Janice Chesnik – Kaleidoscope Artist

At guild yesterday we had the pleasure of hearing from Janice Chesnik who is a kaleidoscope artist.  She and her family have made kaliedoscopes for many years and since she retired and moved to Georgia, she has been making kaleidoscope quilts.  Paula Nadelstern suggested that she was a good substitute for our lecture.  Janice brought several kaleidoscopes and several quilts to share.

This one is her first kaleidoscope quilt – she says Paula called it “Patchworky”.  It is still very nice.  Janice is to the right of the quilt in the photo.

After this quilt, she expanded her quilt making and here are a few more of her quilts.

These are all pieced quilts although she says she occasionally uses small amounts of fused appliqué when it works out better.  She has a great color sense, doesn’t she.

Here is her latest quilt.

Not sure if you can tell but the background is made of 6 inch squares – all cut from the same fabric.  She actually quilted the background before she appliquéd the tree, leaves and apples on it.  She then did a lot more quilting on the tree.  This is a beautiful quilt.



  1. Love the tree quilt. It looks huge.

  2. I just love Kaleidoscopes! I went to her site and loved what was there. Beautiful!! I think her quilts are just gorgeous too. Truly an artist. Oh, I don't know if I told you, I quilted a quilt for Paula Nadelstern. It is in her book Puzzle Quilts. I am given credit on the page the quilt is on and I am in the index! When I did this, my family made poked fun at me that I was now in an index... LOL!

  3. they all are great but I really love the one with the yellow center! the colors just pull me in!


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