Saturday, January 02, 2010

More Retreat Fabrics Selected

I got the other two fabrics today for the retreat mystery quilt. 

The bright yellow will be my medium fabric and the black/yellow/white will be the borders.  I will probably bind in Kona black.  I think it will turn out great!

I have to confess that I ordered some fabric over the internet last week and it arrived on New Years Eve.  I found a great sale at Piecenquilt and gave in to the temptation.  I ordered a fat quarter pack of Authentic.  This is certainly my favorite fabric of 2009.

I already have a jelly roll, several charm packs, a layer cake and some miscellaneous yardage and the worst part is that I haven’t used any of it yet.  I have become a fabric hoarder!



  1. Gorgeous fabrics! Love the bundle!

    I've been trying to organize my stash and I have come to the same conclusion as you - I am a fabric hoarder! I hope to start using it this year!!

  2. I luv the authentic line too!! it's not my "normal" fabric type but something just draws me to it. I saw a string quilt (on somebody's blog, don't remember where, don't think it was one I regularly follow) and it looked awesome!


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