Friday, January 22, 2010

Amicacola Retreat – First Day

We made it up to the mountains with no problem early this morning.  There was a lot of fog but nothing dangerous.  I picked up Danielle a little after 7am and after a stop at Starbucks we were on our way.

We got here around 9am and immediately got to work putting together the goodie bags for everyone.

The room was arranged differently from last year and we were able to fit all 52 people in without too much crowding.  Here is the room as it started to fill up.

The mystery we are working on has 12 clues plus a border and we managed to get through five  clues today.  The sixth one is waiting on their sewing machines for morning.  Here are a couple of  photos of the clues being worked on.

Everyone is working at their own pace but getting a lot done.  Our special project/challenge for the retreat is a scarf.  Each person had a 6 inch by 118 inch piece of muslin in their goodie bag.  The challenge is to turn it into a scarf.  We had a table full of fabric scraps, lace and trims.   We also told them to bring embellishments with them.  We will be having a fashion show tomorrow night – with everyone wearing their scarves and voting on the best ones.  There will be prizes.  From what I saw being worked on today, it will be great.  I will be sure to get photos of the scarves during the show tomorrow night.

At the end of the day – before dinner, I set up my sewing machine and actually got some sewing done.  Here are my results from the first five clues.  Got any ideas about what it is going to look like?



  1. THis sounds like so much fun! I'm am very anxious to see the scarves especially!

  2. I can't wait to see the results. I LOVE following your blog...


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