Thursday, January 07, 2010

Pillowcase Class

I taught a pillowcase class yesterday evening.  It is hard to actually call it a class since there was only one student but we had a great time.  Whenever I teach pillowcases, I start by demonstrating how to make one.  Here is what I made.

This is new sewing fabric that just came in this week.  It also comes in a white background which you will see soon.

Linda was in my beginning machine piecing class a couple of months ago and is learning all kinds of new things.  She decided to make a valentine pillowcase for her daughter.  Here she is with it.

As she made her pillowcase, I made another one.  Here is the light background.

As far as I am concerned, these are a pair.  I know they are not identical but perhaps they are fraternal.  The swirl fabric for the cuffs is the same fabric but different colors.  The accent piece is the same for both pillowcases.



  1. I definately think they're a pair. How fun. I love your students pillowcase too. Hmmm....might need to whip some up.


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