Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Little Quilts

Our program today was by Mary Ellen Von Holt of Little Quilts.  She talked about color and what she calls magic fabrics that make your quilts shine.  She brought a whole bunch of small quilts to show.


A great example of what Mary Ellen was talking about today is in the picture above.  Look at the difference between the two top quilts and the one on the bottom.  The bottom one has three fabrics and the other two have many different fabrics in the same colors.  Much more interesting.



  1. how lucky you are to have Mary Ellen visit, I love Little Quilts, and have made many of the ones that you have pictured-how cool!

  2. What a wonderful trunk show! I agree with her you do get much more interest with many different fabrics.

  3. She knows what she is talkin about that is for sure! I love her sense of color!


  4. How nice to be a part of a presentation by Mary Ellen. I love her "Little Quilts" book and credit as to how I learned to quilt. I made many of the small quilts and learned so much. Great book! chanlady


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