Friday, January 15, 2010

Next Shop Sample

For Shop Hop in March, the theme is “As American As …” .  For Tiny Stitches we are going with “As American As Popcorn and a Movie”.  We are making quilts representing movies.  Gone With The Wind fabric just came out and I am going to make the sample.  Here is the pattern that came from Quilting Treasures.  How appropriate is a Gone With The Wind quilt for those of us who live in the Atlanta area.

My Mother was a big Gone With the Wind fan and I can remember going to see the movie every seven years with Mother.  Back when I was growing up, they only showed it every seven years.  She had the book (of course), the video and several plates that were in frames on her wall and are now on mine.  I also have the book and video.  She really loved Scarlett and Rhett so when the fabric came in I immediately volunteered to make the quilt.  She would have loved it even though she really wasn’t “quilt worthy”.  Those of you who are quilters understand what I mean.

Here are some of the fabrics in the quilt.

Scarlett has a fold down the center of her and I didn’t press it before I took the photo. Hopefully it will press out with a bit of a spray.  The picture with Scarlett in the big hat is the backing fabric.

Not sure when will actually get it made but I am looking forward to making it and thinking of Mother as I do it.  Shop Hop is in March.



  1. That wouldn't be good if the fold stayed down the middle of her face. We women just really don't need more wrinkles than normal.

  2. What fun fabric. I'm sure your mother knows you are making it and thinking about her at the same time.

  3. Love the fabric!! I can't wait to see the quilt you make!


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