Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kitchen Nightmare

We got up this morning and found tire tracks in our front yard.  Apparently someone was coming down the hill and hit the ice in front of the neighbors house, swerved into our yard, went around the mailbox and back on the road via our driveway.  I tried to take a photo but you couldn’t really see the tire tracks in the picture.  Well, at least they missed the mail box.

After that excitement, Bill went to get some ice out of the freezer and told me that the ice was wet.  What that means is that the freezer wasn’t working.  Well, it turned out the refrigerator wasn’t working either.  We got it when we moved here to Georgia in 1999 so it is 10 1/2 years old.  It is probably time to get a new one – not that we had planned on spending money this way but what are you going to do.

At least it is still cold outside so we packed up all the food in the freezer and set it outside on the deck in the shade.  Things were still frozen and still are.

We then had to clean out the downstairs freezer (it was way past the time we should have done this) and then the food on the deck is ready to go into the downstairs freezer.  We also packed up everything from the refrigerator – well not everything, there were a few mystery items in it that got thrown away and put it outside to keep it cool.  The plan was to put the refrigerator items in the cooler so they didn’t freeze. 

We then went to Home Depot and BrandSmart.  There was a good refrigerator at Home Depot but then couldn’t deliver until Thursday.  We found one on sale at BrandSmart that is a 10 year newer version of our current refrigerator and they can deliver on Tuesday.

After coming home, I decided to clean out the refrigerator before it gets hauled off and guess what – it is working!  It wouldn’t work for over 12 hours and now it is making ice and refrigerating everything just fine.  I think we are going ahead and getting the new one because who knows how long it will work this time.  I thought about cancelling it but if it stopped working once, it will again.

Anyway, it is clean and has food in the refrigerator section again.  The frozen food is still downstairs and will stay there until the new one arrives.  At least I don’t have to use the cooler on the deck for the next couple of days – at least I hope so.

I had planned on using my Sunday off to sew but it is 8 pm and I am just now going to go upstairs and work on my BOM UFO from guild.  It is the 4th project on my list and the UFO I want to finish this month.



  1. Melinda, don't you hate when that happens. Last time it happened to me I lost a freezer full of breastmilk! I worked my but off for that liquid gold. Hope you get a new one soon. Stay warm, Steph

  2. Why do appliances never break at a convenient time? Has the trade in program for old appliances started yet -- there is going to be some sort of rebate on energy star appliances.

  3. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Oh my goodness gracious! You've had quite a day! I hope you got at least a little stitching in today! Looking forward to following along on your blog!

  4. I'm glad the mailbox survived!

    I'd keep that older fridge for things like drinks and ice and overflow refrigeration, things that won't go bad if it fails again.

    Enjoy your new fridge!


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