Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Selvage Pin Cushions for Blog Readers

I finally finished all the pin cushions for my blog readers from last month and they will be in the mail tomorrow.

I had 16 people comment on my giveaway blog but some of them were no-reply so that I could not contact them directly.  I asked for everyone to send me their mailing addresses but I only heard from 10 of them.  One came to the shop and picked up her pin cushion, one is in guild with me and I am taking her pin cushion to her at the next meeting and one is a customer at the shop so I can hand her the pin cushion.  That leaves 7 to go in the morning mail – one to Australia and the other 6 here in the U.S.

I made extras so I will have quick little gifts ready.  With these, I think I have made about 40 of them. 



  1. they really are cute
    I have been saving my selvages now , I need to wip up a few soon

  2. Lucky recipients. They are very cute.

  3. I always enjoy your blog -- and I am happy to be a recipient of a selvage pin cushion. I will see you next week to pick it up. Good luck this weekend at the retreat! Debra

  4. Too bad I missed out on this! They are adorable...I will try to make a few myself.

  5. I got mine in the mail today! How sweet! I feel like I won the lottery! I will treasure it. Thanks so much, Melinda!

  6. My great friend Diana was after some selvedges, so I sent her a whole heap (sewing all those little suckers together doesn't interest me at all and I used to toss them all out) and then when I met her at a girls getaway weekend in Queensland, Aus late last year, funnily enough, she gave me my selvedges back again...but made up into hexagon coasters....she's over selvedges now! You did a great job of the pincushions, and I hope the other 9 people who received them loved I know the person whose blog I came here from loved hers! You have way more patience than me hun. Hugs Naomi your new follower so don't be leading my astray now!

  7. was Sue Hauser's Alderwood Quilts blog by the way! Hugs Naomi

  8. Melinda ~~~

    Just wondered if I happened to be the person you mentioned that is in the guild with you that you were going to bring the pin cushion to. I just love pin cushions and posted about it 'way back when'. I was just looking through your blog (LOVE it btw) and all your ideas and it reminded me that I didn't receive the pin cushion.

    ~~debby stefanini


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