Friday, January 29, 2010

Show and Tell at Guild

Today was the monthly East Cobb Quilters’ Guild meetingPaula Nadlestern was scheduled to be the speaker and teacher this month but she is having some health issues and had to cancel.  One of her friends who lives somewhat locally, stepped in for her and did a wonderful lecture/show.  I will post some of her photos a little later.

Show and tell was great, as always.  Here are a few of my favorite ones.  The first few are made with blocks from Saturday Sampler at Tiny Stitches.

The black and white is my favorite of the day (of course).  Terry made it with lots and lots of little stars for the setting.  I absolutely love this but I am not sure I have the patience to make all those stars.  I do have the main blocks and I also used yellow with the black and whites.  I love the back – see my border fabric from the mystery quilt down towards the right bottom?  The back was inspired by Bonnie Hunter.

These next three quilts were made by Debbie from another set of Saturday Sampler blocks.  She said she is making quilts for her Bunco friends and decided to make three different quilts from her blocks.  She did a great job with the different settings.

The next quilt was also made by Terry from a pattern by Bonnie Hunter.  This quilt was hung in the shop for a while and I really love it. 


This last quilt was also inspired by Bonnie Hunter and the maker says she now spends far to much time at thrift stores because of Bonnie.  Once again, it has a Bonnie style backing.

I have more to share but need to get ready to go to work for a couple of hours.  Back later.



  1. Thanks for sharing the quilts. I love the blue and yellow ones.

  2. All just wonderful!! Especially love the Black and White. Too bad Paula isn't feeling well, she is wonderful to have at guild. We had her a few years back and was just inspiring.


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