Sunday, December 26, 2010

Still Snow in Atlanta

Here is the view from my front door.  There is so much snow and ice that we decided to not open the quilt shop this afternoon – at least I have time to sew and even make bread.

Here is the driveway – it is a couple of hours later and the snow has disappeared from the street and driveway but it looks like there is still some ice out there.

We live on a corner so here is the view from of the side yard – or perhaps I should say side ditch.

Here is Bill’s truck from the front porch.

Lastly, here is the view from the kitchen window of the deck and back yard.

During the summer, the trees are full and we can hardly see the neighbor in back but during the winter we can see their house.  I can see the lights from three Christmas trees in their back windows.

Hopefully the streets will clear up and life will be back to normal tomorrow.  In the meantime, I am baking bread – Yum!


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