Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jack in the Box

Living in the south, we don’t have Jack in the Box restaurants – I wish we did.  Anyway, I have had an antenna Jack for the last couple of years on my little red car.  Here is poor, sad Jack.

He doesn’t look like much, does he?  At our Christmas dinner on Monday, Danielle gave me this.

My little red car looks quite spiffy with Jack on the antenna – also makes it much easier to find my car in parking lots.

When my children were teenagers, the Jack in the Box chain decided to give up having Jack as their mascot.  They actually blew up Jack (he was where you gave your order).  The kids couldn’t believe that Jack was gone and it turned out that he came back about 14 years later.  You can read about it here if you are not familiar with Jack’s story.

Thank you Danielle – Jack is happy to be in my garage at night and is enjoying his trips to new places.



  1. I was talking on the phone with my daughter (she was driving) when she all of a sudden gasped and said "Oh my God" and then didn't say anything. I thought she had an accident or witnessed something horrible. Finally she came back on the phone and yelled "We are getting a Jack In The Box"! It's funny now but I could have strangled her at the time. We have Jack's all over the place here but it is something she truly missed when she moved to Albuquerque.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  2. Your new Jack is looking very spiffy. I think you should send a picture of your old, tired Jack to Jack in the Box headquarters. I bet they'd love to hear your story.


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