Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Board Meeting

We had an exciting meeting today at guild.  We just started and I was presenting the proposed budget for 2011 when the fire alarm went off – really loud.  We picked up everything and went outside to wait for the fire department to arrive.  Of course it was on 18 degrees while we were standing outside. 

About the same time the fire department arrived, the people from the park department also arrived and turned off the alarm.  The alarm is so loud that there is no way you can stay in the building so it works!  After checking out the room we were meeting in, they let us go inside out of the cold.  They then continued to check out the rest of the building, even going up on the roof.  Good to know how thoroughly they check when an alarm goes off.

After that, the rest of the meeting was quite tame.



  1. Our board meetings have fires too.

  2. Talk of proposed budgets CAN be alarming!! Cripes, even I'm groaning at that pun!
    Happy holidays!

  3. Your life is so exciting,


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