Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Start of Sewing Room Organization

My sewing room needs lots of help!  It is overrun with fabric, projects and “stuff”.  I have a large sewing room – the master bedroom.  Several years ago, Bill suggested that we did not need the large room since we only sleep there and why didn’t we switch the master bedroom and the sewing room which was the largest of the other bedrooms.  So we did!

The smaller room was crowded with my sewing things but our queen sized bed and dressers fit in there just fine.  In fact, we like it better than the larger room.  Unfortunately, the sewing room has become a complete mess.  I may have to call the hoarders TV show if I don’t get it cleaned up soon.

I am thinking of moving my fabric to the smallest guest room that Bill used to use as an office.  Since he got a laptop, it really isn’t used any more.  There still is furniture in it that we need to decide what to do with, it isn’t ready for fabric but I am starting to get the fabric ready for it.

I bought some cardboard sheets from a comic book website and am wrapping my fabric around it.  It is then able to stand up in a bookcase.  Here is the little bit I have done so far.

Look at how neat it looks and how you can see what you are looking for.  Of course, this is a very small portion of my fabric.  I have enough black and white alone to fill a bookcase.  I am still debating about how to sort the fabric beyond color. The pieces here are at least 1/2 yard.  Less that that I am putting with fat quarters and storing in a couple of cubby hold cabinets I have. 

I still haven’t decided how to store the smaller pieces of scraps, etc.  A little bit at a time and it will eventually all get organized.



  1. I love to organize and my suggestion would be to get everything wrapped and then when you sort the colors you will get the ah ha moment and know what to do with them.

  2. You are courageous! And the wrapped fabric looks perfect for storing - and still b.eing able to see what you got. No matter how you organize them, you will probably pull them in batches for the next quilt anyways. I would go for color ways - but I like the suggestion in 1st comment: it will come to you once they are done! A little bit at a time- that's the mantra...

  3. I love the idea of standing up the fabric-great organizing tip!!
    Can't wait to see more!

  4. scrap storage - Do you have an Ikea - Antonius storage is sturdy & relatively inexpensive. If you get the wire baskets you can see which drawer holds your blue scraps - etc.
    (I have been using this system for my dresser drawers for 10+ years - so it is durable enough & I put it together myself.)


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