Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blooming Nine Patch

I have been teaching Blooming Nine Patch classes once or twice a year for several years now and it seems to be as interesting now as back when I started.  My sister Robin and I bought fabric to make Blooming Nine Patches in California a long time ago.  I made mine and realized that fabric choices were even more important than we had thought.  After making my first Blooming Nine Patch, I made a second one that had much more effective fabric choices. 

I do want to mention that the first quilt was a very nice quilt and in fact is on my bed right now.  I still like it but it didn’t “bloom”.

There were three students tonight and here are their fabric selections.  They are very different choices and I can wait to see how they turn out.  They all cut their strips tonight and got organized with the baggie labels that I made for each of them.

First is Kathy – she started out with a five fabric, one yard bundle and we found other fabrics to go with hers.  They are lovely pinks and browns.

Next is Linda.  She bought the floral fabric in the center during shop hop and that is what we used to select the other fabrics around it.  She loves bright colors.

Last is Caroline.  She decided on batiks.  Yummy, yummy batiks.

They have a month to work on their nine patches before we meet again.  At the second meeting we will lay out their quilts so they can take them home and sew them together.

I can’t wait to see what their quilts look like.



  1. I would choose differently if I ever did a second one of those as well. I forced a hand dyed piece & boy does it shout at you now.

    Oh & I learned not to use "whatever kind of battiing that I chose - lovely how I have no clue what that is exactly" it is bearding... (I think it was wool.)

  2. do you have a pattern for the blooming nine patch? I'm looking for one online somewhere, I don't want to have to order a whole book for one pattern, although I could probably wing the pattern from pictures online, I'd rather go with a proven pattern, much easier :) These are the fabrics I have chosen for my blooming nine patch:

  3. Can you tell me the name of the book the pattern is in. I made several and can't find the book. Franf@danvilletelco.net


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