Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Basket

Some of my quilting friends found a great little shop here in Marietta that sells really nice market baskets.  They all bought different baskets and kept talking about them.  They got the large market basket which is about the same size as the ones you use at the super market.  I went to see what the girls were talking about yesterday and found something even cuter.

This little market basket is only 13x8x7.  It also has a drawstring cover for it.  I think it will be great for taking my lunch to work and guild.  It is really cute.

Of course, I also bought a big one.



  1. Oh I love that. It would be great to take shopping and not have to use disposable bags. I haven't seen those anywhere around here. I don't suppose you have seen any online. :D

  2. Can you tell us which shop in Marietta? this is really useful and fun!

  3. Thanks for enabling me :-) I now have one of each also! Pam


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