Monday, May 24, 2010

Beyond Beginners – Curved Piecing

Tonight was the last night of my Beyond Beginners classes for this series.  The focus of this class was curved piecing.  As usual, they did a great job.


By they time we finished, they were comfortable doing curved piecing.  There are a lot more blocks to be done for each of them but I am looking forward to seeing the finished quilts.

Speaking of finished quilts, Carolyn brought in her finished top from the paper piecing class.  Here it is.

My sample is only a table runner but I like this one.  Here is the table runner for comparison.



  1. Really nice. Love the pattern and fabrics!

  2. Curved pieces - nice! I probably need to take one of your classes to conquer that technique...

  3. The curved piecing is great. Where would one find this block?


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