Monday, May 17, 2010

Letty’s Bags

My small Monday group of friends got together today to make Letty’s bags.  The fabric choices were very different but the bags were all equally beautiful.

Here are close-ups of each of the bags.




Here are the ladies with their finished bags.

We had a great time.  While I was helping them make the bags, I worked on yet another Wacky Devine Nine for Bill.  He has a large collection of sock monkeys so I am making him a sock monkey quilt.  I decided to make two sets of blocks so I can make him a larger quilt.  I got all the blocks made so I have to trim them to size next.  I have 18 blocks but will only use 16.  I will take some photos after I trim them. 



  1. Love them! They all came out great. Can't wait to see the sock monkey quilt.

  2. They are wonderful!

  3. yeah!! More Letty's Bags make the world a better place! ;-)

    ~ Kathy (Oregon)


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