Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hand Applique by Machine

We had a wonderful few days with Beth Ferrier at guild. She has several books out and I was able to attend the first workshop which was from her book "Hand Applique by Machine". This first photo is of the applique all prepared for me to applique it down. It is appliqued to a FQ. I tried it with several other backgrounds but I really like the dark background. This is a black with small white polka dots. The next photo is of the applique after I sewed it down. I actually forgot that there are round berries that need to be done. Guess I better get the dots out and get the berries prepared to applique down.

I am please with the way it turned out. I used hand dyed fabrics by Susan Salter Rice. She belongs to the Allatoona guild and her fabrics are absolutely beautiful. Her tie-dyes are also great. I have one that I plan to quilt as a whole cloth quilt for the next quilt show.

Here is the class watching Beth demo making stems.

After the Saturday class, we met at California Dreaming. I had to work at the shop and close the register so I was a little late getting to the restaurant. Here is a photo of Beth and our program chair, Pam. If you ever get the opportunity to take a class from Beth or to have her come to your guild, I highly recommend her. She is a wonderful teacher, her lecture was great and the quilts are absolutely breathtaking.


  1. Lovely! I just did some machine applique but followed Sharon Schambers technique. I will have to check out the differences!

  2. Beautiful applique. Come visit my blog for my latest giveaway.


  3. Your applique is beautiful! I have tried before but lacked the patience to see it through, perhaps one day! Great job!


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