Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Christmas Present for Mary

I forgot to post a photo of the quilt that I have Mary for Christmas. It is a flannel wacky devine nine and is beautiful plus warm and cozy. She seemed to be pleased with it.

Next is a closeup of the quilting I did on it. Can't remember the name of the panto that I used but I think it was one by Linda Taylor.

We had guild this morning and I worked on my bluework blocks for Winter Wonderland. I am almost finished with the 3rd block of 8. Just one more snowflake to complete and I will be ready to move on. I think I will do the snowmen having a snowball fight next. It is a larger block but doesn't have a lot of stitching on it.

I would really like to get this quilt made this year and still have the pieced blocks to do along with the bluework ones. Maybe I will take it to work on during the Red Top retreat in March. We are doing a mystery quilt but think I will have time to work on something else.

Wanda finished her Winter Wonderland in red and gave it to me over the weekend to quilt for her. I won't get to it for a few weeks but it should be fun to quilt. After I do hers, I can decide if I want to do something different on mine.

Also over the weekend, I bought a bolt of fabric for the guild challenge for 2008. Every year we have a challenge and this year it is proverbs. The rules are here. I really wanted to do it but I just can't come up with one that I can figure out what to do with. I guess I need to spend some time on the proverb sites and find something to work with.

We have decided on the challenge for this year and it will be announced at the March guild meeting. We will use the fabric as part of the challenge so will have time to get it cut up to sell to the members for the challenge.


  1. That Proverbs Challenge sounds like a good one!

    A stitch in time saves nine - use "sewing" themed fabrics...

  2. Sounds interesting and very challenging.


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