Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Coldest Day of the Year

It was really cold today. The high for the day was only 30 degrees - very cold for us here in the South. It is supposed to get down into the teens tonight but up to about 42 tomorrow and then back to 60 by the weekend.

I spent the day inside - didn't even go out to pick up the paper and let Bill bring it in when he came home from his weekly breakfast out with his bowling buddies. I spent much of the day cleaning out the refrigerator - not fun but it looks great. We had so much in there and some of it was really, really old. Now it is clean, has non-expired food in it and you can actually find something to eat.

Next, I finally made myself a steno book cover. I want to do daily to-do lists and this is where I will write them down. Hopefully, that will keep me on track better this year.

Tomorrow I am going to Jenny Craig in the morning and need to stop by the shop and set up spread sheets for our new Block of the Months that are starting. Somehow last year, the lists were not all alphabetized and it was miserable to try to find peoples names when they came to pick up their blocks. So, I guess I better get it set up right so I can't complain all this year.

This photo is the pin cushion that Libby made for all the officers and committee chairs as a gift when she turned over the presidency to me. It is really nice - about 3 inches square. The back of mine is a red/gold fabric that reminds me of the quilt we made for her.

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  1. I love your steno book cover. Still gotta make me one. And Libby's pincushion in amazing. You gals in East Cobb are very talented.


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