Sunday, January 13, 2008

Quilted BNP

I took my Blooming Nine Patch to the quilt shop today for a sample for my class in March so thought I would post a photo of it. I will get another photo when it is hanging in the shop but we didn't have time to put it up today.

We are switching to a new Point of Sale system at Tiny Stitches and yesterday was the first day we used it. Since it was a non-Saturday Sampler day, I thought it would be a good day to start. Of course, that meant that we had one of the busiest Saturday's we have had. Good for business but miserable as a learning experience. Of course, after that, we have no excuse to go back to the manual system. If we can survive yesterday, we can survive anything.

We had a busy day today and 3 ladies that are in my Beginning Machine Piecing class came in and we selected their fabric for the project. This should be a fun class.

Tomorrow, my Piecemaker's bee meets. We are exchanging fabric for this year's swap. This time, we each select our own fabric, cut a 10 inch square for each other person and we trade them tomorrow. We will then take the fabric and make a block for each person. They are scheduled to be swapped out in July. We then have until December to put them into a quilt.

Each of us selected a block to make for the others and only Danielle knows who has what block. We will have a wide variety of blocks when we are done since we have 17 people signed up. I think most of us plan to use our own blocks on the back of the quilt - probably as the label since 17 blocks would be difficult to set into a quilt.

I am going to make Krispy Kreme Bread pudding from a Paula Deen receipe. I am even going to make the Rum/butter sauce for it. I stood in line at Krispy Kreme in a long line this morning. I think it was so crowded because of the after church crowd. Any way, I have two dozen donuts waiting for morning, if Bill doesn't get into them.

In the afternoon tomorrow, we are having a category meeting for the 2009 quilt show. This will be our 3rd meeting. It really takes a lot of thinking and a lot of talking to make sure the categories for the show are fair and reflect the changing times. The two person category has gotten so large that we have to do something about it. We will work on that tomorrow.

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  1. I still love the look of your Blooming Nine Patch! Yes, I'm the one who made the batik blooming nine patch in your class several years ago. The top is complete (well I think I have one side of the border to add) and I hope to get it quilted this year so I can use it! I have a picture of it somewhere, I'll have to find it and post it to my blog. Seeing yours again has made me want to do another!


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