Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow again in the South

We hardly ever have snow and here it is again for the second time in less than one week. It started snowing this morning and snowed almost all day. We had about 3 inches on the ground but thankfully it was warm enough so that the roads never got bad. It is supposed to get down well below freezing tonight and I am supposed to go to the quilt shop early in the morning so I hope everything will still be fine on the roads. It isn't far, but I am concerned.

The above is the front yard when I came home from work today.

Here is the side yard - note there isn't any snow on the driveway. Hopefully we won't get rain and tomorrow it is supposed to get much warmer so everything should clear up.

My beginning machine piecing classes start on Wednesday. I am still working on the lesson plan. The class meets for five Wednesday's and I am still trying to figure out what to present in what order.

Also, our first guild meeting of the year is next Friday and I am working on the agenda. This is the first meeting since I became President. We have Beth Ferrier coming to do two workshops and a lecture so I am really looking forward to meeting her. I did sign up for one of the workshops but have to work on Saturday so will have to skip the second one. I am going to take the "Hand Applique by Machine" class.

I also signed up for a Judy Niemeyer class in February. It has a lot of prep work so I need to get my pattern and fabric selected so that I can be ready for the class. The class project is Rain Drops, which is a beautiful quilt. You can find a photo of it on her website. It uses a LOT of fabric - all batiks.

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