Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snow in the South

Winter came to Georgia today. I worked at the quilt shop this afternoon and it started to lightly snow. By the time I came home there was actually a little snow on the ground. I have lived in the Chicago area and know what real snow is like but we aren't used to it here in Atlanta.

I just took this photo a couple of minutes ago. It is the deck just outside the kitchen door - real snow! Well, I just went and looked and we have some giant snowflakes coming down. We have a couple of inches on the ground and even the sidewalks have snow on them. Of course, it will be gone tomorrow but it is fun when it happens. We haven't had any snow for a couple of years - if it is a couple more years before it happens again, that will be fine for this native Southern Californian.


  1. My DIL called to tell me it was snowing there. She had such a good time at Christmas with all the snow we had that week.

  2. wow, I didn't realized Georgia got snow!? Well, it's on its way up to us today--not a good thing mixed with sleet and rain, but we are suppose to have about 3 inches by end of the weekend.

  3. Now I'm jealous. we didn't get enough snow over hear to make even one snowball.

  4. We got snow here in Chicagoland too. Um, ya want the sub-zero temps and windchills to go with it? Just kidding -- I wouldn't wish this stuff on anyone!


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