Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Purse class and busy day

I had a busy today today. I forgot to go to get my haircut - I was thinking a few days ago that my hair was getting long and that I had better check my calendar. Apparently I forgot to put it on my calendar. A couple of months ago, I did go on the right day but she had calendar problems and wasn't there. Now we are even. I get it cut next week on Wednesday - wrote it in ink on my calendar!

Mary and I used a coupon and had a Mexican lunch. We only paid $5.99 for both of us and it was pretty good. After that, we had a planning meeting and then I had to teach my monthly purse class. Just got home from that and don't have enough energy to do anything else tonight.

Tomorrow we are having our first Executive Comittee meeting for the guild. This is the first one that I will preside over. I worked on the agenda so hope everything goes well.

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