Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pillowcases for Kids with Cancer

We had a sew-in at Tiny Stitches last week to make pillowcases for kids with cancer. The customers responded with great excitement and make lots an lots of pillowcases. The kids are from ages 2 to 17 years old so all types of pillowcases are needed.

Here is the top of the container.

I think we collected more than 100 pillowcases and plan on continuing to collect them for the rest of the summer. The organization we are working with is ConKerr Cancer.

Pillowcases are so easy to make and fast.


  1. Hi Melinda! I'm Becky from Gwinnett County. we met several summers ago from a Yahoo Group (can't remember which one). Joan, Judy and I drove over and met you on your end of town. Love your blog! I love the idea of pillowcases for kids with cancer. Pillowcases are a bit easier to complete than a quilt. I'll check out the organization ConKerr Cancer. Perhaps, I can talk some of my quilting buddues into making some pillowcases. If not, I'll bring some to Tiny Stitches.

    Take care

  2. I'm making pillowcases for them as well - the group thats local for me works with the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto, and it just happens that my oldest lad is a "graduate" from the hospital, so I'm really happy to be making them some goodies! I agree with Becky - pillowcases are easier to complete than a quilt, and should put a very big smile on the face of a little (or not-so-little!) one that needs something to brighten their day.


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