Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Green" Grocery Tote

Here is the first project I made with the fabric I bought yesterday. It is a grocery/tote bag made from Pet Screen (available at home improvement stores) and webbing from the fabric store.

I used this pattern called "The Beach Tote" published by my sister Robin. I modified it slightly by making it a little taller and a little wider. It is close to the size that Publix, our local grocery chain sells - but much cuter.

I am going to take this to the shop today for a sample but have enough fabric to make one for me to use. I do need to get more webbing - I hope Joann's has more of the lime green webbing.


  1. Thanks Melinda, now I see what Pet Screen is. I really like your bag, the colours go together so well and I bet it will be really useful.

  2. I love those fabrics, and what a great project to use them in.

  3. I love your fabrics and I love your new tote! It's great!

  4. That is such a great bag. If I only needed one bag when I go grocery shopping, I would be sorely tempted to make this. But we use 12 of the "green" bags when we do our shopping.


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