Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Flying Geese and Apron Swap Received

Today was workshop day at Allatoona. The topic for today was flying geese and Tri-Recs. Last month we worked on half square triangles and quarter square triangles. The purpose of what is called special projects to to have a teaching day and hopefully provide information to our members that help them with their quilting. Since we meet every week, we are able to take the time to do some teaching as well as have other projects.

Three of us taught today. Tina showed the Eleanor Burns ruler and also tackled Peaky and Spike (Tri-Recs). Here is is below.

Michelle and I had a communication mix up and both were prepared to teach the Lazy Girl flying geese ruler. Since I got there first, I did it and then Michelle quickly stepped in and taught how to do the same without a ruler. We also talked about using two half square triangles, sewing squares to the base (what Mary Ellen Hopkins calls connectors). Also talked about the Marti Michell ruler. There are a lot of ways to make the same basic block, aren't there.

When I got home and picked up the mail, I found my package for the Apron Swap, all the way from Australia. It was definitely worth the wait. Look at the 3-D flower and the ruffles on the bottom of the apron. I love it. Thank you Louise.

Part of the swap was to include a dish towel, or tea towel as it is known in Australia (I lived there for 3 years in the early 90's). Louise included three towels, one with an applique to match the apron.

The last item for the swap was for a non-alcoholic beverage and she included this great sounding lemonade. This was a very fun swap.

Don't forget - this is my 297th post and I will draw for the Grocery Tote right after my 300th post. If you want to be in the drawing, comment on that post to be elgible.


  1. So glad you like it - it was fun to put it all together!

  2. Anonymous8:23 AM

    How LUCKY the women who attend your weekly sessions are. The attendance is amazing. Since I can't be a part of your group, would you consider doing a "teaching post" once a week. I would love to know more about the different tools out there. I know I'm missing out on a lot of great tools that would make my quilting easier and I hate to spend the money unless I know the tool is worth it. Please seriously consider my request. I suspect your online "class attendance" will be very high.


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