Saturday, June 14, 2008

Green Fabrics

Look at the great new fabrics that came in the shop. There are a couple of more coordinates but I restrained myself and only bought 3 of them. Can't you see grocery bags out of the recycle fabric?

I also fell in love with the stylized tree fabric at the top of the photo. I thought the green one will make great handles.

Here is another view of the recycle fabric with words. There is something about fabric with words that attracts me. I can hardly resist it.

I think I will try a pet screen bag using this fabric. It will be fun to take to the grocery store.


  1. What super fabrics. You're right, fabric with words is fun and quirky. Tell me, what's a pet screen bag?

  2. Can you tell me who is the manufacturer of the word and tree fabric? My daughter and I would love to make some bags like these and I just ordered the pattern from your sister!


    Di and Kit

    diane (dot) pahl @


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