Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fourth Row of Row Quilt

Today was the day for the next row for the garden row quilt that we are doing at the Allatoona Quilters Guild. Hugette was the teacher/designer for this row which is on top in the photo below.

Hugette likes much more conservative colors than I do. It is really interesting to see how much difference fabric color choices make.

Here is the group waiting to get started.

Since this row is another fusible row, we didn't need sewing machines, just our fusible, pencil, scissors and iron.

This month's row consists of watering cans and flower pots. Here is my first watering can.

I got several new black and white fabrics to use as backgrounds when we went to Mary Jo's last month so used them for this row.

I also have a plastic tote full of 6 inch squares that I have collected over time so that is what I used to do the watering cans. I haven't decided what color to use to do the blanket stitch. Right now I am leaning towards black but since I have a huge collection of DMC machine embroidery thread in every color, I just can't decide.
These flower pots are waiting for the flowers to be added. I got a lot done in a couple of hours and will try to get the flowers added in the next few days.

Even though my pots are bright colors, I think they still clearly look like pots. Of course, when the flowers are added, they will be even better.

I really liked this striped fabric that I used for this pot. This quilt is going to be so unique when finished.

There are only 6 blocks this time since they are 8 inch blocks instead of 6 inch ones like the previous rows. The only rule for the designer is that the row finishes at 48 inches.

I think we are going to have bird houses next month.

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  1. Wow! I love your Row Robin. Using the balck and white background is a great idea.


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