Thursday, June 12, 2008

Allatoona Silent Auction and Birthday Club

Tuesday was the general meeting for my Allatoona Guild. We decided to do a Silent Auction as a fundraiser. We asked for people to donate sewing/quilting items and we had the auction during the meeting.

Here is one table full of items, with the bid sheets on top of the item. We had around 200 different items for sale and the agreement was that if what you donated didn't sell, you had to take it back home with you. Thankfully, all my donations sold.

I had two fleece quilt kits that I had intended to make but never got around to it. I also had a fleece throw that never got done. You can see the two quilt kits on the front of this table.

There were a lot of books donated, including some that were in the guild library. I bid on a couple of books but got out-bid - thank goodness! I also donated some colored pet screen that gathered a lot of bids.

One more photo of the eager bidders.

The auction was very successful. People really enjoyed it and the guild made over $800. Good money maker!

Something else that we are doing this year instead of secret pals is to have a birthday club. What this means is that if you sign up, you specify what color you like and each other member of the club buys you a FQ for your birthday month. We have about 30 people signed up. Here is Arlena with her purple birthday FQs. There were two other club birthdays this month but Arlena is the only one I got a photo of.

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